About The DRCC

What's special about a DRCC Craft Show? Aren't all craft shows the same?

Well, from a shopper's perspective, they probably are. But from a vendor's viewpoint, we don't think so. We think the little things matter just as much as the big things.

We are also crafters and vendors, so we know what's important at a craft show.

It is unfair for vendors to compete with other vendors, so we limit the number of similar products. Healthy competition is good, and an opportunity for you to compare your work with others, maybe even refine it. We review every application, look through your website or Facebook page to be sure that your product is not exactly the same as another vendor's.

We know that you've been up all night working on adding to your inventory for our show, and the last thing you want to worry about is packing a lunch. Don't worry about it...we got you covered! When you arrive to set up, there will be two bottles of water on your table with two breakfast bars to get you started. We will provide and a light lunch. Coffee and tea will be available all day.

We arrange for a large street sign to be posted near the event in a heavy-traffic area. We advertise in the News Advertiser across Durham Region. We spread the word with SNAP, local radio stations and drive everyone crazy with posts on Facebook.

Most important, we hold hands with the new vendors. We answer all their questions with patience because we understand...we were newbies once, too. We try to place new vendors near veterans so they have a mentor.

Monique Massabki
Shandell Conboy
Desiree Lee