Please review these FAQs before emailing us.

Q: How do I become a vendor at a DRCC Craft Show?

A: Visit our blog at www.durhamcrafters.blogspot.ca and fill in the form.

Q: How many vendors do you have at your shows?

A: Our standard floor plan holds up to 52 tables. We have some vendors who purchase two tables, and we have some vendors who share one table. With that in mind, we average about 48 vendors. We know that other craft show organizers have managed to squish in more tables in the same room, but we don't think that shoppers like to be crowded. We want our shoppers to browse and enjoy themselves.

Q: How is the traffic at your shows?

A: We don’t do a head count at our shows. We’re busy looking after our vendors and being vendors ourselves. We can, however, confirm that we have steady traffic throughout the day. Our normal venue (the Ajax Community Centre) always has other events going on at the same time which gives us a lot of traffic coming through that we might not otherwise have. There are always people waiting to get in when we open the doors.

Q: I’ve been at craft shows where there were more jewellers than any other vendor. Do you limit the number of jewellers?

A: We completely understand! We limit the number of vendors we have in any category. Not just jewellers, but food and other vendors. We also ensure that all vendors in any one category are distinctly different from each other.

Q: How big is the booth?

A: Each space measures approximately 5’ x 10’ (5' x 20' if you purchase two booths).

Q: What is included with the booth fee?

A: Each booth space is approximately 5’ x 10’ and includes one 8’ x 3’ table plus two chairs. When you arrive on the day of the sale, waiting for you on your table will be two bottles of water and two breakfast bars. Throughout the day, coffee and tea will be available to you. We also provide a light lunch.

Q: Where are your craft shows held?

A: We prefer to rent space at the Ajax Community Centre, in the HMS room (it’s the largest). In the event they are booked, we do our best to find a venue that will accommodate our vendors, ensuring adequate parking, a venue that allows for good buyer traffic and easily accessible by everyone.

Q: Do you advertise?

A: Of course! We advertise for vendors on Kijiji and Facebook.

We advertise for the sale on Kijiji, Facebook, and our blog. We purchase an ad in the local News Advertiser (across Durham Region) and we purchase a street sign that is erected on Harwood and up for the maximum time allowed by the Town (twenty-one days).

We submit our event on the Town of Ajax Community Calendar as well as the local O’Snap!

We create an ad, which we ask our vendors to post on their Facebook pages, email to everyone they know (and total strangers).

We invite O’Snap! to join our event and photograph our vendors.

We cross our fingers and send invitations to all the local radio stations. Hey, you never know!

Q: Why don’t you allow vendors who sell things like Scentsy, Avon and Pampered Chef?

A: The DRCC is about crafters. We support creative people who design and make their own crafts.

Q: Can I sell items for fundraisers?

A: Of course! As long as the items are handmade.

Q: Can I share my table with a fellow vendor?

A: At this time, we allow vendors to share one table. We know it’s a little intimidating at first for new vendors, and to share a table with a fellow crafter makes it more manageable. Two vendors cannot share two tables.

Q: Why do you charge so much for a booth?

A: We don’t think our fees are too high. After all, we provide advertising, tables, chairs, a location that has steady traffic, coffee and tea, lunch and breakfast bars. All the money we collect pays for the expenses related directly to the show.

Q: What do I need to bring for my booth?

A: At the very least, you should have a table covering, adequate float (coins and bills), enough product for the day, bags to put your product in. You may also want to have business cards, signage, display pieces, price signs, receipts.

Other items to consider: safety pins, pens, pencils, markers, paper, gum/candy, wet wipes, tape, large binder clips (these are good for holding your table covering in place), any items you think enhance your display.

Q: Can I be placed beside a crafter friend?

A: YES! Please make note of your request on your application and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q: If the show slows down, can I pack up early and leave?
A: No. As stated in the application, vendors are NOT permitted to pack up and leave early. Booths must remain open and operational until the end of the show. Closing early has a domino effect, compelling other vendors to pack up. This is not appealing to late-arriving customers. Vendors who pack up early will not be invited to future shows.

Q: Can I set up early or the night before?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot. We do not have access to the room until the day of the show. Vendors are welcome to set up any time after 8:00 a.m. on the day of the show.