Rules and Conditions

These Rules and Conditions apply to ALL DRCC Marketplace events.

1. ALL ITEMS MUST BE HANDMADE. Manufactured items will not be permitted. These items include, but are not limited to: Avon, Tupperware, Scentsy, Girl Guide Cookies, etc. If such items are displayed or sold, the Vendor will be asked to remove them and will be denied application to future shows.

2. Vendors are expected to stay until the end of the show. Refer to the Vendor application for the time for your specific event. Vendors who do not comply will have their application denied for future shows.

3. Gift baskets are not permitted UNLESS they solely contain handmade items made by the Vendor.

4. The DRCC only allows vendors who make their own product. By this, we mean that the final result is something you created—not purchased. We don’t expect you to weave your own fabric or spin your own yarn.

5. Food Vendors are welcome!

6. Sharing tables: We know craft shows are a little intimidating for new vendors. Although we are not opposed to having two vendors take part in the mentor/buddy system and share a table, we do limit your shared table rental to one table. Vendors purchasing two tables do so for space and not because they have a friend joining them.

7. Each space is approximately 5'x10'. Each space includes one 8’ table and two chairs.

8. A simple lunch will be provided. Please bring your own reusable coffee mug…we will provide coffee/tea, cream/milk and sugar.

9. Cancellations received less than four weeks prior to the date of the event will not be refunded. Refer to the show site and Vendor application for the specific date.

10. Applications must be accompanied with payment. Tables are not confirmed until payment is received in full.

11. Payment must be by PayPal (a link is available on our blog) or by e-Transfer via online banking (don’t forget to send us the secret question and answer!). Cheques are not accepted.

12. We have a limited number of vendors for each category. We request photographs of your work to limit competition in any one category. We take considerable effort to ensure that vendors in the same category are all different from one another. If your product does not fit into one of the categories listed below, simply send us a photograph (or link to your site) and we will consider your craft. Unique products are always welcome!

13. Our shows always sell out. As we are accepting a limited number of vendors in each category, we encourage you to send your application early to avoid disappointment. Successful applicants will be notified via email within two weeks of receipt of application and confirmed payment.

14. Vendor is responsible for collection of any applicable taxes on sales (i.e., HST), float, bags, table d├ęcor, etc.

15. Vendor is responsible for any loss due to theft, water damage, fire or any other damage incurred to the exhibitor’s works while participating in The DRCC Winter Marketplace. The DRCC will not be held liable.

16. Vendor must have an on-line presence. This enables us to share your name and work with shoppers (and other vendors). This can be a website, a free Facebook page, a free Blogspot site.